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To find information about a past (or currently active project), click on the Active Projects menu on any IJDC website page. Under the Active Projects menu item, there are two choices:

  • GIS Map Services
  • Project Search
  • GIS Map Services takes you to the statewide GIS mapping collected and displayed. From here, you can use various search options and tools to gather information, create graphs, redline, measure, or compare projects. On any particular project, click on the Project Portal tab to be taken the same Project Detail page found by using the Project Search.

    Project Search allows you to find a particular project by first selecting a county, then picking a project from a list of options. Once a project number is clicked, detailed information about the project such as status, sponsor, cost, schedule, and more can be found on one easy to read page. Click the Globe Icon at the top of the details section to be zoomed into the current project on the GIS Map Services.