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Need to File a New Project Application or Update a Previously Filed Application not on the Online System?

Here is a step-by-step guide to Getting Started:

  1. Decide on the overall project scope.
  2. Hire or Designate an IJDC Certified Project Administrator.
  3. Direct the IJDC Certified Project Administrator to Complete the Project Initiation Form online by logging into the Project Dashboard at (Actual forms must be completed within the Project Dashboard by the appropriate Certified Team Members.)
  4. Once your project’s Project Initiation Form is complete, submitted to IJDC, and accepted by IJDC, you are ready to have your IJDC Certified Project Administrator, IJDC Certified Project Engineer, and IJDC Certified Project Accountant fill out the three parts of the IJDC Application online.
  5. From there, the Project will be reviewed for completeness by IJDC staff, then forwarded to the IJDC Staff Technical Review Committee.
  6. If your Project is found to be Technically Feasible by the IJDC Staff Technical Review Committee, then it is forwarded to the IJDC Funding Committee.
  7. If the IJDC Funding Committee recommends a funding package for your Project, it is then placed on the monthly full Council IJDC meeting for approval and action. (For Meeting Dates, please see the Calendar on the left of this page.)
  8. After the full Council IJDC meeting, the Project Sponsor and Project Team will receive written notification of the decisions of the IJDC, and if the Project is approved, the IJDC Certified Project Administrator will receive a link via email to fill out the Funding Recommendation Decision Form. This form lets IJDC know whether or not the Sponsor of the Project wishes to accept the Funding Recommendation that was approved by the IJDC. This form also requires that the Project’s IJDC Certified Local Counsel, IJDC Certified PSC Counsel, and IJDC Certified Bond Counsel (if required) are named prior to moving forward with the Project.
  9. Complete the remaining Project Steps – For More Information, check out other sections under the Project Center menu.