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Welcome to the West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council website.This site is a source for state funded water and sewer infrastructure projects, for both the general public and active project participants. Use our Project Center to get instructions on starting and completing projects, and detailed steps in between. Use the interactive GIS Map Service, under the Active Projects section of the site, to search for and view projects in your area and other areas across our state.

For any questions regarding our policy and procedures, please click here. These same documents are also available to all certified users in the Tools section of their dashboards.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to our most frequently asked questions. Policy and procedure documents are also available to all certified users in the Tools section of their dashboards.

COVID-19 Effect on Upcoming IJDC Meetings

Effective May 18, 2021, IJDC Committee and Council meetings are open to the public and may be attended in-person. If you plan to attend meetings in-person, and have not been fully vaccinated, our staff respectfully requests that you wear a proper face covering (mask) and maintain social distancing. More information regarding the Governor's Face Covering Requirement can be found by clicking here.

Committee and Council meetings may be attended by conference call. Below is the conference call information and instructions for public use:

  • Please refer to the agenda for the conference call information.
  • Please mute your phone if not speaking.
  • Please identify yourself if you need to speak.
  • Please hold any public comment until the public comment portion of the agenda.

The meeting is available for viewing live by clicking on View Meeting Live (button on left hand side of this page) or by clicking here . Please note the video stream is approximately 10-15 seconds behind the actual meeting.

IJDC Online Training

The new IJDC Training is now live! Read the items below before starting the training course.

Here are a few things that you can expect to learn in our updated content:

Below are some important facts to consider before taking the training.

Updated IJDC Online Certification Training Course